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Tiger 141 was part of the Arbteilung 504 Heavy Panzer Division that first saw action on the Eastern Front in early 1943.


The Tiger was at its best on open country where its massive 88mm gun could engage distant targets courtesy of the excellent Ziess optical sights.


Even though the Russians would sacrifice up to five of their fine T34 tanks to destroy a Tiger, they kept coming courtesy of ever increasing production in the new factories beyond the Ural mountains.


The Battle of the Kursk salient in central Russia, the biggest tank on tank battle in history, was the swansong of German armour. From here on in, the Tiger was a defensive weapon in a war Germany was doomed to lose.

Master photographer Steve Roberts has captured Tiger 141 in this heroic image just before it was lost in action in the Rostov area in early 1943.

Steve Roberts keeps low as he teaches young James Smith the deadly art of combat photography at the Battle of the Prahran BMX Park.

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