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Tiger Tank 141.jpg

1/5 Scale Model Tiger Tank

Ten years in the making in the author's workshop in Melbourne, Australia, the Wimmera Tiger tank is fitted with a 150cc V12 petrol engine, an 8 speed gearbox and home made 16 channel remote control.


Under the command of General Jozef Von Dean, a young Combat Photographer, Shea Murray  captures the lone PZKW VI Tiger tank Nbr141 defending the Ballaratograd Aerodrome back in '13

V12 Power

Like its prototype under General Von Manstein on the Eastern Front, the Wimmera Tiger is powered by a OHC V12 petrol engine - albeit a tad smaller at 150 cc against the mighty 21 Litre Maybach motor.

Model V12 engine

The Wimmera Tiger

Der Tiger

 the book is out now!

To order go to the  Der Tiger Book page 

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