10 years in the making

Stalingrad's fall to the Russians in early 1943 heralded the introduction of the PZKW VI Tiger tank into the maelstrom of the Eastern Front.  Although they had little effect on the war's outcome, the reputation of the Tiger far outweighed the small number that were built. Battle hardened German crews wielded their 58 tonne vehicles with discipline and skill 

and were the scourge of Russian, American and British tanks they met in battle.

Seventy years later and a whole world away in Melbourne, Australia another V12 powered  Tiger rolled off the production floor. It took 10 years from the first solid model computer drawings until the Wimmera Tiger tore up the front lawn with its 220 tracks.


Operationally, both the original and the model are prone to engine overheating, gearbox breakage, transmission failure and track jamming. 

Tiger 141

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